September 2003


Walls covered with John Henry's Ribbons

John Henry getting his face splashed. 

Kathleen explaining this kind of crupper. JH was so good just standing there. Kathleen would say "its his job!"

Green Meads Farm, where they train Lippit Morgans.

Bonnie and Kathleen posing with JH

Even with a bad hip, it didn't keep Bonnie from wanting a ride! They even bring out some steps for her. Notice they wear helmets!

Kathleen hooks up JH so we can see his lovely smooth trot in action!
Bonnie in front of one of the Painted Ponies, displayed in Albany, NY.

Here is Cheryl, just sitting comfortably on John Henry's warm wide back. He just stood there ("its his job!") until asked to trot down the road, with nothing but a halter and leadrope! Cheryl was in seventh heaven!

John Henry's sponsor on the side of his trailer.