Sweet Georgia Brown

11 1/2" X 16 1/2"  open edition

$50 plus shipping

  Jack & Elmer

10" x 7 1/4"  open edition $30 plus shipping  

Hang On!

11"x 16", open edition  $45 plus shipping.

For an additional $80, Bonnie can paint the mules and coach. 

27 Mules On A Mission

Scene of one of the big hitches from the past

on a huge combine in the wheat fields of the Paloose. 

Printed on high-quality art paper, Full color.


  Image area  19 and 1/2 inches by 34 inches-

Paper size is 38 inches by24 and 1/2 inches

Open Edition

$65 plus shipping (rolled in a tube)

USPS $12

Total $77

Idaho residents add 6% (print cost) sales tax.

Enjoy Bonnie's Annual BS-O-Gram!

Amos and Andy Print.jpg

Amos and Andy

Pencil and acrylic on mylar. 

Image area  10 3/4" X 14"  paper size:  13" X 16" 

Price $45 plus shipping at $8.00

Little Sally Goodin
Little Sally Goodin

Baby mule pained by Bonnie Shields

Lift & Separate
Lift & Separate

Humorous watercolor of a mule bucking off its rider


Bonnie Shields illustrate all the Jasper the Mule children's books, written by Meredith Hodges.

Mule Angel Christmas Ornament
Mule Angel Christmas Ornament

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Beautiful, sensitive pencil drawing of a working mule's head, wearing work bridle.

Mules T-Shirt
Mules T-Shirt

3 mule heads adorn this T-Shirt