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A complete body of work from Bonnie Shields, The Tennessee Mule Artist. This lovely coffee table book, produced by Lucky Three Productions, L.L.C., contains Bonnie’s numerous artistic accomplishments. Longears lover or not, you will be amazed at the wide diversity of her work and entertained by her unmatched sense of humor!
Printed on the finest quality paper and with a stitched binding, not glued, this is a MUST HAVE for your personal library! Flip through the pages and read her amusing writings, view her amazing art and laugh at her hilarious cartoons.

So, wander through this book and enjoy the scenery.
Some of it is "serious" and some is - well, NOT!
And, like my mule hero, Leroy, always said -
"Keep Your Traces Tight!"  --- Bonnie Shields

27 Mules On A Mission
Sweet Georgia Brown

11 1/2" X 16 1/2"  open edition

$50 plus shipping

  Jack & Elmer

10" x 7 1/4"  open edition $30 plus shipping  

Hang On!

11"x 16", open edition  $45 plus shipping.

27 Mules On A Mission

Scene of one of the big hitches from the past

on a huge combine in the wheat fields of the Palouse. 

Printed on high-quality art paper, Full color.


 Two Sizes Available:

19 1/2" X 34"

12" X 20"

Open Edition

$65 plus shipping (rolled in a tube)

USPS $12

Total $77

Idaho residents add 6% (print cost) sales tax.

Enjoy Bonnie's Annual BS-O-Gram!

Amos and Andy Print.jpg

Amos and Andy

Pencil and acrylic on mylar. 

Image area  10 3/4" X 14"  paper size:  13" X 16" 

Price $45 plus shipping at $8.00

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